More effective, safer and even more stylish.
A perfect partner for your exercise.

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Sports Mat

Dwinguler YOGA MAT

"Perfect partner which maximize the effect of exercise"

About Yoga mat

I&S Yogamat is made of environment friendly material.
The perfect foam layer of the Yogamat distributes the weight evenly,

and the embossing on surface holds the position of body to maximize the effect of exercise.

Its two color enhances your style and dignity.

yoga mat

< Exercise in style and perfectly with I&S Yogamat. >

SIZE (L x W x T)




- Environment friendly Yogamat without any toxic PVC.


- Antibacterial – Inhibiting any bacteria.



Eco-friendly mat

Perfect mat which maximize the effect of exercise

- Has the higher grip than any other products in the market.

- Effective for Pilates, Gym, Yoga and any other intensive exercise.




2-Layer structure with high durability

- Unique embossing on surface offers cushion and the other side has non-slip function.

- Surface is strong on scratch.

- Intercepts the coldness and humidity from the floor.



sports mat

Light and easy maintenance

- Light and standard Yogamat size which is easy to carry.

- Easy to clean. Just wipe out with clean wet cloth and done!





< Can use for pilates, Yoga, Gym Ball, Home traning whenever and wherever with your kids >

kids mat

< A professional activity mat made of eco-friendly material which is not harmful to human body >

● Acquired certificate of global standard with eco-friendly material
- Certified with quality standard of advanced countries such as EN71 for Europe, CPSIA for North America and so on.
- Made of safe material which is safe for babies and kids to use.

● 3Layer Foam Technology
- 2 Layers of Foam layers distribute impact and provides superior dynamic stability.
- Designed with 1 layer of fabric layer to prevent bending.
- Provide best exercise effect.

● Non-Slip Embossing
- Top Embossing to prevent slip while exercising on mat.
- Botton Embossing to prevent slip between mat and floor.

● Easy Clean
- Special coating on skin makes it easy to clean the dirt and sweat on surface with simply wiping with dry towel.

● Stylish Color
- Refined color makes your exercise more stylish.
- Refined two-tone color puts vitalize your exercise and look more stand out.

● Light Weight
- Easy to carry due to it’s light weight

● High Grip
- High grip is much effective for intensive exercises such as pilates, Gym, Yoga and so on.

Tested to European toy standard, USA toy standard of ASTM and
Phthalate, Formamide and Cadmium not detected in European standard.

safe mat

< 친환경 원료로 제작된 인체에 무해한 프로패셔널 운동 매트 >