Home, Office and wherever you are, COOC Multi Purpose Comfort mat
makes your daily life more comfortable, safe and stylish.

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Cooc Multipurpose Mat


"Everywhere you stand"

About COOC Comfort Mat

With shock absorbing foam layer specialized with I&S technique, COOC Comfort Mat distributes.
the weight evenly and reduces the stress from the weight on foot, joint and back.

< Certified product by National Floor Safety Institute >
Can be used for everywhere at home like Kitchen, Porch and so on and even can be used at office.

It satisfies both health and interior with various luxurious designs.




Classic Comfort mat has superior embossing and color effect.
It enables represent luxurious surface design with various embossing and colors printed on surface.

Classic comfort mat - Surface Embossing and printing effect.
Various embossing and colors printed on surface.


COOC Standing mat provides comfort on office and wherever work standing for long period of time on hard floor.

19mm thick high density PU foam offers superior elasticity, dynamic stability and durability with long lasting support.
This feature of COOC standing mat will remarkably reduce your fatigue occurs from the condition of work.


Kitchen, Bathroom or wherever, COOC Basic mat makes your house look brighter.

Double sided design to use both side with different beautiful designs.

Various sizes to suit your need and space of use.


Ergonomical design for comfort

The technology of COOC multi-purpose anti-fatigue mat became possible by its scientific layer design.

bath mat

comfort mat

- Numerous fine air cells distribute the weight evenly to reduce stress on feet, joint and back.

- COOC is a waterproof and easy to clean due to its special coating on surface.

- Has a non-slip embossing on the back side which makes the mat holds the floor firmly and become safety.


Home _ Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry room, Dressing table, at the bed and garage.

Office _ Kitchen on restaurant and floor on beauty shop, clinic room and info-desk.

COOC is been generally used in some advanced countries like USA and Europe.

Experience the best quality, style and comfort of COOC no matter where you stand.