I&S creates customer value through technical innovation.
We are an honest company that produce products using only globally proven eco-friendly materials.

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Symbol of I&S is been integrated and redesigned in year 2009 containing new vision and goal of I&S to leap forward as Global top company.


For the value that will not change even if time passes, we will try to bring out a small but new change without missing any details.


Opened up a new space, website that can accommodate the lifestyle of the user is respect for the person.

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Ecofriendly Playmat – Dwinguler Playmat

Life necessities, Safety and comfort in daily life, interior and even health.
These are what our "Environment friendly playmat considers which is produced with environment friendly and secured safety,

heat reservance, sensitivity and functionality.

I&S is enlarging is global exporting market with its global(overseas) brand "Dwinguler Kid's Playmat",
and producing environment friendly mat for LG and Parklon.

We provide diverse and profitable infant supplies for mother who want to care for our precious child safely and perfectly.

Multi-Purpose mat – COOC Comfort Mat

COOC is not detected with heavy metals and toxic substances which is harmful to human body,

This method is based in 30 years of accumulated technology,
and this technology is used to develop foam layer which absorbs shock and improve comfort and fatigue.

COOC offers the maximum comfort and protect your health wherever you stand.

Luxury synthetic leather – SOFFKIN

I&S's synthetic leather presented natural pattern so it is indistinguishable from natural leather sheet,
and it even represented pore of the skin in some patterns like cow, crocodile, buffalo and ostrich.

We are leading the market with enlarged product range to Art leather, luxury bag and special functional product range.