I&S creates customer value through technical innovation.
We are an honest company that produce products using only globally proven eco-friendly materials.

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CEO Message

Innovation & Solution
I&S creates customer value through technical innovation.

It is my pleasure to meet you. Welcome to the website of I&S.
I would like to address my deep appreciation to all of customers of I&S.
To gratify continued affection, I&S is impassionedly putting spurs to R&D to develop various of new products.
I&S is established in 2003 with the base of accumulated technique for longer than 20 years and started manufacturing activity.

Also since I&S established its affiliated R&D center on December 2015,
All of the employees are doing their best endeavor(s) to become a Global top maker which holds dominant position to other companies in Korea and all of the world in quality, cost and so on by continuously developing environment friendly and high valued functional products.

With a principle that we go wherever customer needs us, I&S is devoting itself to (a) better quality, (and)design and creating new functions, and we are always putting its effort to offer a new pattern and product using its own design capability.
We, I&S faithfully promise to propose (a) clear vision and to do its(our) best effort on social responsibility of enterprise and value.

Thank you very much.

CEO of I&S Co., Ltd.
Taehwan, CHA.