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Company History

2020.08 Gender balance inclusive growth partnership agreement / Ministry of Gender Equality and Familn, chungcheongbuk-Do
2020.08 Maintain M+ grade of PSM implementation status regular assessment
2020.09 Launched automotive material (Synthetic Leather) for Hyundai & Kia motors
2020.09 Installed cloth inspecting machine for automotive material
2020.09 Women-friendly company agreement/Cheongju-Si
2020.10 Installed Welding machine #4 (for Folding type)

2019.05 Awarded for contribution on community education development / Korea Federation of Teacher’s Associations
2019.07 Launched lightweight and diffusion grade play mat
2019.09 Launched synthetic leather for automotive interior for Hyundai and Kia Motors.
2019.09 Installed cloth inspecting machine for synthetic leather for automotive interior
2019.10 Eco-friendly diffusion grade flame retarded synthetic leather (Rapheal Ceylon)

2018.09 Installed postprocess machine equipment line for automotive synthetic leather.
2018.11 Awarded on environment and local society from social Responsibility & management quality Institute.
2018.12 Award certificate from Prime Minister for upbringing Small – medium size industry.
2018.12 International Automotive Industry Quality Management System IATF16949 LOC certified.

May. Selected as an excellent company to fill tomorrow/ Small Business Promotion Corporation
June. From the individual point of view to the industrial park through the establishment of the district unit plan
Sep. Woman-friendly company certification / Cheongju-si
Sep. Establish I&S sports park

March. Commendation of Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Commerce on Trade Day / Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy
April. Selected as a best company by HUG for sharing the workplace / Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Employment and Labor
Oct. The 10th Chungbuk Businessmen's Day Labor and Management Union Award / Chungcheongbuk-do Governor
Oct. PSM (Process Safety Management) Implementation Status New Assessment M + Rating / Daejeon Local Employment and Labor Office

March. Awarded from the Governor's Citation for Activation of Regional Economy / Chungcheongbuk-do Governor
April. Won the Governor's Certificate for Promotion of Welfare for the Disabled / Chungcheongbuk-do Governor
Aug. Purchase of the 2nd factory site / Hoseugi 139-1 and other 8 parcels (9,980㎡)
Oct. Korean Red Cross Packing Certificate / Korean Red Cross
Nov. Sales development Office building (396㎡) /Injonghabgeonseol Inc.
Nov. Construction of the 2nd Factory Building (4,112㎡) / Injonghabgeonseol Inc.
Dec. Family-friendly certification / Ministry of Gender Equality
Dec. Certificate of Appreciation / Chungbuk Human Resource Development Foundation
Dec. Awarded 10 million dollar Export Tower / Korea International Trade Association

April Won the 'Marketing Innovation Award / Korea Marketing Management Association
June. Received a plaque of appreciation for the day of deaf / the mayor of Cheong-ju
June. ISO 14001: Environment management certification system accreditations
June. Obtain certification for flame-resistant fabric for sofa and chair /Korea Fire Institute
Sep. Selected as an 'Excellent quality management Partner' for the first half of the year / LG Hausis
Oct. Won the 'Chungbuk Farm Love Award / Chungbuk farm love Head Office
Dec. Received a plaque of appreciation for 2014 Cheongju-si Future World Leaders Summit / the leader of Cheongju-si Saemaeul
Dec. Received a plague of appreciation / the Cheongaewon (Facility for the physically severe disabled)

May. Registered patent for the production method and its manufacturing device of fireproof laminated sheet by the Korean Intellectual Property Office
June. Won the 'Best practice for Family and work life balance Award' by the Chungcheongbuk-do Governor
July. Expansion of R&D Center (2nd floor, 396㎡)
Sep. Establish a branch office in California/USA
Oct. Won the 17th lifetime achievement award for the Aged Day from the governor of Cheongwon-gun
Oct. Selected as the 7th Proud Business Leaders of Chungbuk by the Chungcheongbuk-do Governor
Nov. Won the medal / Korean National Red Cross
Nov. Get approval for the installation of sunlight generation and complete the installation of 30KW power station
Dec. Won the 'science-based firm best project selection Award / the Administrator
Dec. Awarded the '2013 Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs Minister prize'

Jan Selected as one of the leading export companies / the Small and Medium Business Administration
Aug. Registered patent for PVC antistatic mat and its manufacturing method / the Korean Intellectual Property Office
Sep. Selected as one of the most-wanted to work / Innobiz, Maekyung Media
Oct. Won an '100 Best Companies to Work For' award / GWP Korea
Oct. Won 'The 10th Chungbuk good citizenship' award / JB News
Nov. Received the 'Chungwon-gun Volunteer center' appreciation plaque / Chungwon-gun Volunteer center
Nov. Received the 'Chungwon-gun athletic association' appreciation plaque / president of athletic association in Chungwon-Gun
Nov. Appoint as a Cheongju Tax Office tax administration adviser / Cheongju Tax Office
Nov. Received the 'connection business participation' award certificate / the Chungcheongbuk-do Governor

April. Application for a patent for manufacturing method of flame proof laminating and its manufacturing facilities / the Korean Intellectual Property Office
April. Registered the design for mat cushion / the Korean Intellectual Property Office
May. Received a plaque of appreciation from Chungwon Hyeneung orphanage / Chungwon Hyeneung orphanage
June. Selected as the best company in the community to work for / Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Chungcheongbuk-do
Oct. Received a letter of appreciation by the chief of the National Police Agency / the chief of the National Police Agency
Oct. Make an orology agreement about creative human resources and donation for education / Chungcheongbukdo Office of Education

Jan-Feb. MED-B,D Obtained a certification for fabric for Vessel
May. Received the representative director award certificate / Administrator
June. Received a plaque of appreciation for chief executive / President of Okssan-myun welfare
Oct. Received the Chungwon-gun residents business sectors award certificate
Oct. Received the 2010 National Innobiz progressing rally award certificate
Dec. Received the Chungjo Naeduk Seniors Welfare Center appreciation plaque

Feb. Registered patent for manufacturing method for Eco-friendly PVC foam sheet / the KoreanIntellectual Property Office
March. Received a letter of commendation for honest tax report and payment / a governor of Cheongwon-gun
April. Received a letter of commendation from the Innobiz association / Chungbuk Administrator
May. Won the Excellence in Corporate Accountability Award / Chungbuk Administrator
Dec. Won the lifetime achievement award / the head of the fire department of Chungju
Dec. Received a plaque of appreciation / Chungju Naeduk Seniors Welfare Center
Dec. Selected as a promising Small and Medium-sized Export Firms / Chungbuk Administrator

June. Selected as a promising Small and Medium-sized Firms / president of the Industrial Bank of Korea
July. Make an orology agreement about development of enhanced adhesive strength of transfer ink
Sep. New office building construction / 2nd floor 640m2
Sep. Finished rebuilding construction for office building to R&D Center and Training Center
Sep. Equipped with 3rd EMBO line for mat only
Oct. Selected as a leading company in quality management / Chungcheongbuk-do
Dec. Registered patent for Eco-friendly PVC foam synthetic leather and its manufacturing method / the Korean Intellectual Property Office

March. Certified technology innovation company (INNO-BIZ) / the Administrator of Chungbuk
May. Equipped with after line for Eco-friendly products / Daewoong machine
July. Make an orology agreement about development of Environmental friendly flame resistant fabric
Aug. Reconstruction for the warehouse building and Expansion of the mat building(510 ㎡)
Sep. Obtained a certification of Environmental Signs for ZilN Nutrex Art Leather
Sep. Registered patent for noise-proof PVC mat and its manufacturing method

June. Obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System / International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Sep. Recognized as an Innovative management medium-sized firm / the Small and Medium Business Administration
Oct. Registered patent for the manufacturing method of liner for the use of sewers repair / the Korean Intellectual Property Office
Oct. Expansion of the FELT factory building (temporary warehouse building) / 760 ㎡
Oct. Obtained a certification of eco-friendly building materials (Clover 5) / Korea Association of Air Cleaning
Nov. Designated company for Special Cases on Military Service / Military Manpower Administration

Feb. Expansion of the Mat buildings and fabrication of operation facilities (Welding, Molding) (826 ㎡, CAPA: $15 million/month)
June. Equipped with Eco-friendly mat machinery and equipment
Dec. Affiliated Research Building Certification / Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association

Jan. Building construction and factory registration / Cheongwon County Office
Jan. Operate plant and mass production
Nov. Selected as a 'Clean production technology distribution business' company / Ministry of Commerce

April. Casting Project O / S Agreement
May. Corporation establishment and business registration / Cheongju Tax Office
Aug. Initiate Civil engineering and building construction / In-sung Construction Co., Ltd.
Nov. Singed product supply agreement
Dec. Signed a contract for sale and purchase of the casting property