Dwinguler, a top class playmat for safer and
more joyable play area for our valuable kids.

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Kids Playmat


"Premium baby product brand with mother's heart"

About Dwinguler Play Mat

Dwinguler is a Korean word meaning "To roll". Started with top class playmat,
Dwinguler is an environment friendly babycare brand which cares our children safely with its Playroom and Kids sofa.

It is sold as an LG mat in Korea, and is also a proud Korean brand which is exported to around 30 countries all over the world.

With overwhelming cushion, dynamic stability, refined design and functional mats with patented functions,
we are offering a premium playmats with top class quality.

dwinguler kid's plamat

dwinguler kid's plamat

dwinguler kid's plamat

< Dwinguler mat is a brain development mat based in sensory development and is developing various exotic
and refined designs reflecting cultures of USA, Europe, South America and so on. >

dwinguler kid's plamat

< Various and refined exotic designs >

GLOBAL Dwinguler

global dwinguler

< Dwinguler playmat displayed in large store chain >

Dwinguler is keeping its development on brain development mat which is based on sensory development,
and exotic and refined various designs reflecting culture of USA, Europe, and so on.

A very first sofa for your baby!
Comfort fit for body of our babies!

An advanced material which is developed with natural vegetable oil and essence as it’s main material and without any harmful chemical substances.
Sitting posture of infancy makes the right posture of our kids.
Dwinguler sofa helps baby’s body and skeleton stay healthy by developing the good habit of sitting.
We use SOFFKIN leather on the surface of sofa that reaches baby’s skin, that is free of bacteria, heavy metal and phtalate.

Designed for safety, the largest play room available on the market!

Dwinguler castle creates a safe playroom for child and can be used more safely using double lock gate.

Rounded edge of each panel is safe for kids from being heart by the edges or holes, and non-slip rubber feet on bottom keeps castle from slip.

Also, panel holder on bottom holds the panels from moving and bending for safer use.

Neck support pillow preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome & Blanket keeping baby’s body temperature.

Dwinguler Butterfly Neck pillow and blanket protect the valuable baby’s health holding good posture of baby’s brain, neck and back shaken.
The pattern of Dwinguler neck pillow and blanket is not imforted fabric material but its own pattern design being refrected on child’s sensibility and developed by Dwinguler design laboratory.
All of material acquired KC standard certificate and also passed global standard such as CPSIA.

Dwinguler Play Mat Packing

dwingulermat box


"Global! The leading brand of baby playmat"


Care kids with mother’s heart,
Worry about kids with mother’s heart,
Protect kids safely with mother’s heart.

It is just like mother’s heart which takes care of our valuable kids.

Babycare and Comflor is products with identical quantity and is separated brand per countries of selling.

(Being sold in North America, Hong Kong, China, South East Asia)


baby plamat

A main item of Babycare, Eco-Friendly PVC Play Mat

Best selling playmat in Amazon USA!
A supporting and soft foam layers provides safest place for babies and kids.
A Must-Have item for safe growth and development of our babies and kids and protects them from hard floor.
It protects from danger of injury when babies when crawling using their head, wrist and knee.

Various colors and special designs enables various purpose of use in your home.
Also, long-lasting durability doesn’t change for longer than 10 year of use,
and is reliable product certified with particular eco-friendly regulation of Europe and USA.

baby mat

baby mat